JJC CL-P5II Στυλό καθαρισμού Φακών



JJC CL-P5II Lens Cleaning Pen features an anti-slip surface, which feels comfortable. A built-in retractable brush allows you to use or store it conveniently. Made of high quality wool, the brush is quite soft and will not scratch your lens surface during cleaning. In addition, JJC CL-P5II Lens Cleaning Pen is equipped with a dual-tip (a circular cleaning tip and a triangular cleaning tip) carbon pen, the circular one is mainly used to clean lenses and the triangular one mainly to clean viewfinders and camera screens. Since carbon cleaning tip has an excellent effect and is consumable, the package includes two extra dual-tip carbon pens as standbys. High-tech cleaning carbon compound contains no liquid, and is designed to never dry out. The carbon compound is non-toxic and environmental friendly, safe for all optical lenses. What’s more, carbon tips can absorb fingerprints, oil and smudges without abrading any of your delicate surfaces. CL-P5II is an ideal choice for you to clean optical products.

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Βάρος (gr)


ABS, Toner, Wool


13.4 x 3.5 x 2.4