JJC CL-AS10 Μάκτρο Αισθητήρα APS-C



JJC CL-AS10 APS-C Frame Sensor Cleaner Kit is specifically designed for cleaning APS-C frame CCD, CMOS. JJC CL-AS10 contains 10 APS-C frame sensor cleaners and a bottle of 15ml cleaning solution. The sensor cleaner is sealed in vacuumed package for 100% dust free. The cleaning tongue adopts V shape design which can effectively reduce the contact with the sensor. Made of high quality microfiber, the cleaning tongue features a high dust-attracting power and leaves no lint after cleaning. Besides, the width of cleaning tongue is exactly the width of APS-C frame sensor. The sensor cleaning solution is safe and effective to clean away dust and oil stains. Besides, JJC CL-AS10 is useful for cleaning lenses, LCD screens and other delicate devices’ surfaces.

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Microfiber, PP